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Company Mission:    
To supply quality plastic parts at a fair price with on time delivery.



Company Profile

  Family owned for over 20 years , Peconic Plastics is a custom molder with an outstanding reputation serving a wide variety of industries including cosmetic, electronic, and medical. We have fourteen injection molding presses ranging in clamp tonnage from 21 to 240 tons located on two production floors, with each floor supported by it own warehouse. Floor #2 was opened in 2000 and currently contains three new state of the art Arburg Selogica presses, with expansion room for more. Resins processed include commodity (PP,PS,PE) and engineering resins   (PA,PC,LCP,PEI,PPS), with various fillers and additives.   

  Automation equipment includes beam robots, sprue pickers, conveyors, parts seperators, auto loaders and blenders to keep labor costs to a minimum whenever possible. Secondary operations such as ultrasonic welding, hot-stamping, and assembly are also offered.

  Production quality is maintained using our Q.A. Operational Inspection Reports and Visual Range Boards. All parts in production are visually and dimensionally checked a minimum of two times per shift. For production runs requiring machine operators, (such as insert molding), Visual Range Boards are used in addition to our standard quality checks. Visual Range Boards show actual examples of acceptable and defective parts, giving the operator a visual aid to inspect parts. The next step in our continuous drive toward "zero-rejects" will be ISO9000 certification, which we are in the process of implementing.   

  For optimum protection against corrosion and contamination molds are stored in our climate controlled mold room away from the production floors and warehouses.    

  Utilizing CAD/CAM, CNC milling, CNC EDM, conventional machining methods, and welding equipment, on-site mold design, construction, and repair are offered.

  As a result we can offer a one stop full service solution for your project from inception to production, small lots to millions of parts.


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Contact Information:

Peconic Plastics Inc. Information:

Ralf Ponto, President

Address:   60 Old Country Road

Quogue, NY 11959                

Tel: 631-653-3676,  

Fax: 631-653-3649



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